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Monday, 16 May 2011 11:47
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Facelets with JSF2.0

Facelets is an open source Web template system under the Apache license and the default view handler technology (aka view declaration language) for JavaServer Faces ( JSF ). The language requires valid input XML documents to work.

Facelets supports all of the JSF UI components and focuses completely on building the JSF component tree, reflecting the view for a JSF application.

acelets includes many features such as:

  • Works with JSF 1.1, JSF 1.2 and integrated into JSF 2.0, including Sun's RI and Apache MyFaces.
  • Zero Tag development time for UIComponents
  • Fast Templating/Decorators for Components and Pages
  • The ability to specify UIComponent trees in separate files (UICompositions)
  • Line/Tag/Attribute precise Error Reporting
  • Specify Tags in Separate Files, even packaged with Jars
  • Full EL support, including Functions
  • Build-time EL Validation
  • XML configuration files aren't necessary
  • Reserves the 'jsfc' attribute which acts the same as Tapestry's jwcid (Example: <input id="bar" type="text" jsfc="h:inputText" value="#{}"/>)
  • Plugable Decorators to really make designer's job easy (Example: transform <input type="text"/> to <h:inputText/> at compile time)
  • Works with any RenderKit Facelet APIs aren't dependent on a Web Container
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